This is a personal decision but it’s prudent to seek the advice of your teachers and your doctor. If you are just starting ballet classes, we recommend having at least a year of training before you come to camp as a Level 1 – Beginner. This is because we want to make sure you have a good experience. A base of knowledge of terminology, steps and etiquette are important. Becoming overwhelmed with information or being overtired are not conducive to having fun and learning.

Camp consists of multiple classes in one day, so it’s very important to be healthy and fit enough for this kind of intense activity. Because one of our goals is for everyone to leave healthy and happy, we offer a Short Day Curriculum, which has fewer classes, for those who aren’t ready for the Full Day.

Dancing is the best training for dancing, but it’s also good to cross train in preparation for an intensive. Some good ideas for cross training are: Pilates, running/cycling/swimming, Zumba, Crossfit, and/or gyrotonics. Increase the number of dance classes you take. Camp consists of 3+ classes a day so try to take 2 classes a day, or one dance class plus a cross-training activity. Eat nutritious foods and get plenty of sleep to help your body get stronger!