Ballet camp was literally one of the most fun weeks of my life, a time I spent enjoying just for me. We all know by now that there is this unspoken “thing” we all love about ballet, and for a whole week we all got to live it every single second of every single day! You pretty much are your own little personal Disneyland, because here you are, just making a lot of people’s wildest dreams come true by allowing us to experience Sun King.

Every aspect of the week was noticeably, meticulously planned- from our classes to our lunches to the choice of instructors and to the fluidity of the schedule, etc.

I have nothing but rave reviews for all my ballet friends and I’m sure they will be eager to attend, as well. I could go on for ten more paragraphs telling you what a fantastic week I had and complimenting you on everything but let’s just leave it at this: I will absolutely, most definitely return to Sun King again! Counting down the weeks until next year!


I haven’t been to Sun King in 2 years but the time I spent there changed my life. It gave me the encouragement I needed to keep reaching for my goals and dreams and that’s what I’m doing. I recently finished a 1 year dancing contract for celebrity cruises on a European tour and a Carribean tour and I’m currently living in London taking class, working on my technique and auditioning like crazy. It’s never to late to live your dreams. I’m glad I did and I’m glad I had Sun King to help me realize I could. Thank you Heidi and every one else.


I know you must be busy recovering from the last camp and getting prepared for next week. I just wanted to thank you very much for another great experience. Between the joy of dancing all day for a week and the pleasure of making new friends, this is one of the highlights of the year! I have to say that the camp is my absolute favorite vacation and I can’t wait for next year.

I just wanted to say that as always Danile and Kathy are great teachers and are wonderful working with adults. I always gain something from their classes (my brain does – my body may not always follow direction). I had not had either Pedro or Brian before. Pedro’s class was wonderful and I will never forget some of his analogies! It was fun to have the two pas de deux groups intertwined in the performance. I can’t wait to see the video. Brian did a great job with his first class with us and the variation was great fun! He has a really nice style of teaching and correcting. In particular, he is a great teacher as a partner – he was always providing quiet guidance and pointers throughout the partnering exercises and the pas de deux.

I know that everyone is again going to have a great time at the next two camps – I just wish I could go to all! Last summer after I returned from my first camp grinning from ear to ear, my husband suggested that I attend all the sessions – I just may take him up on it someday. Have a great remainder of your summer and I hope to see you next summer.

Thank you again.


The teachers are really the strength of the week. Every teacher is so positive, helpful and puts in so much energy. It is impressive!

For one week I can truly live my Ballerina want-to-be dream.

I loved the camp. It has been one of the most enjoyable dance experiences. I have improved so much – my core is stronger my feet are stronger and I’m now getting double pirouettes.

Thank you once again. This was a grand experience, which at its heart is Heidi and her magnificent staff. Such an all-around supportive atmosphere. Truly.

This program exceeded my expectations. It was inspiring, supportive, and serious, which is exactly what I had hoped for.

The bonding, camaraderie and friendship are the best! I had so much fun.