At Sun King Dance, we see training and learning as serious fun. Strong foundational skills are the key to success and safety. There is no audition for this program but experience is necessary. Upon arrival at camp, you will have a short placement meeting with an instructor. We will take your individual needs into consideration to make sure you start in the right place. Our goal is that everyone dances safely and the speed of the classes remains consistent.

Level 1 – Beginner

A special program offered only at the June-Richmond intensive. Requires a minimum of one year training, two classes per week.

Level 2 – Lower Intermediate

Requires a minimum of two years training, two classes per week. Building vocabulary and body awareness, improving body alignment and foot work, learning connecting steps, learning basic body positions, basic port de bras, single pirouettes, and primarily two foot jumps.

Level 3 – Intermediate

Requires a minimum of 4 years training. Combinations are moderately complex and lengthy, single pirouettes are strong. You are incorporating head positions and port de bras with leg movements, improving connecting steps, improving basic body positions, learning beated jumps and one leg jumps; adagio elements on one leg feel pretty solid.

Level 4 – Advanced Intermediate

Requires a minimum of 6 years training. Easily comprehending complex combinations with change of direction, able to performing single pirouettes and double pirouettes, attitude and á la seconde turns, precise connecting steps and basic body positions, and simple beated jumps in combination. Using head, port de bras and épaulement in all movements.

Level 5 – Advanced

Requires a minimum of eight years training. Quickly and easily comprehending long and complex combinations with intricate timing and directional changes, consistent double or triple pirouettes, perfected connecting steps and basic body positions and the ability to move through them in combination. Performing complex beated jump combinations with direction changes. Refining head positions, port de bras and épaulement in the movement, incorporating stylistic and performance qualities.