Sun King Dance provides a place where adults can learn in classes with other adults, share ideas and enjoy the many facets of ballet in a friendly, supportive atmosphere. We have skilled instructors who take the time to explain so that you can dance safely and improve your skills at any age. We’re here to help you become a better dancer, teacher or appreciator of the art of ballet.

About us

Sun King Dance was founded in 2000 to provide greater learning opportunities and inspiration for adults who dance. You may not be 18 anymore, but we think your dreams still matter and your training should be taken seriously. Our name is inspired by King Louis the XIV of France, whose most famous role as a dancer was that of the sun. Dance played an enormous role in the life of his court. He also started the first ballet school and codified a technique.

At Sun King Dance you will experience some of the breadth and diversity of ballet and train under the guidance of world-class teachers in a professional facility with other adult students who are as passionate about the art of ballet as you are. Our teachers are personally involved in your success and achievement. We will provide you with an exceptional training experience, exceed your expectations and help you elevate your skills and confidence.


We have two innovative programs which are designed to expand and deepen your understanding of ballet. The first is a ballet camp for adults, which is seven days of learning, dancing and fun. The second is the workshop, Ballet Principles in Practice, an exceptional and unique program for more advanced students and teachers of ballet who wish to go deeper into understanding body mechanics and functionality.

The Benefits of Ballet Intensives

The benefits of an intensive are many and far reaching. Here are some reason why:

Any time you are able to focus on one thing for a few days, the learning curve is greatly improved. This is because you are able to build muscle memory through repetition. Muscle memory helps you to do things without even thinking about it. When the correct muscle memory is built upon, you will naturally progress. All the actions needed for center work are in your barre work. It all begins there. It is vital to keep going back to your barre work and refine movements.

One of the learning tools we employ is the workshop. Taking time to examine aspects of technique, such as turnout, developpe, arabesque, away from technique class has been incredibly beneficial. We start with an anatomical understanding of the body and move into experiencing, with personal attention, the feeling and the action. We also teach Elemental Body Alignment System, which can really helps you Find greater balance, ease, mobility and structural integrity.

Being in a new environment, with new teachers, fewer distractions and a heightened awareness really helps the learning process. The concepts and corrections may be presented in a way at camp that helps you gain new insight.


All instructors for Sun King Dance are highly trained, experienced, former
professional dancers who enjoy teaching adults. Learn more about each instructor on our website.


Intensives for students to train in many aspects of ballet.

Workshops for teachers who wish to study innovative teaching techniques. Learn to release energy blocks, reduce tension, increase balance, maximize mobility, and minimize injury for you and your students.


Award-winning commercial photographer Christopher Winton-Stahle has been photographing dancers since 2004. In addition to his stunning work with dance, he has shot for magazine features and advertising campaigns, as well as traveled internationally on assignment.